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Group Class participants must be mobile enough to get themselves down onto a mat and back up again without assistance.

Classes are 1 hour long and start promptly, please arrive in time so as not to miss the warm up.

It is advisable not to eat a heavy meal before a class and please do not attend class if you are feeling ill or overly fatigued.

Please wear comfortable clothing to allow for freedom of movement such as tracksuit bottoms, leggings or shorts and a t-shirt. Preferably not too excessively baggy so posture and alignment can be checked.

Please switch your mobile off or to silent for the duration of the class.

Please make sure that you inform me at the start of the lesson if you have picked up injuries or pain between classes.


Group classes are pre-booked and payable in advance of the start date to secure your place. Classes must be booked as a course and not as individual classes.

Classes are non-transferable and cannot be carried forward from course to course.

Cancellations/Missed Classes:

Any missed classes in a course cannot be refunded separately. However, a ‘catch-up’ system is run each course. For this system to work successfully please inform me if you cannot attend a particular class so that your space can be offered as a ‘catch-up’. Catch-Ups cannot be banked for use sometime in the future, they can only be used during the current course.

Late cancellations (within 48 hrs of the start of the course) or a ‘no show’ will be charged at the full course fee.


One off sessions can be booked and paid for at the time of your lesson or if you would like a regular private session then I would suggest that you book and pay for a block (usually 5 sessions) in advance.

Fees & Cancellations:

Private lessons are £40 for a 1:1 per hour and £50 for 2 people sharing a lesson.

At least 24 hrs notice is required for a cancellation otherwise a £30 fee will be charged.


Cedar Building
Foxash Estate, Harwich Rd
Lawford, Colchester
CO11 2LR
01206 322244
07887 987280

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Parking & Access

Parking is available outside the building. Please take care there is a one way system - i.e separate Entrance and Exit. Entrance where the main signage for RD Schofield Removals and Anglia Produce are visible.
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